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March 25, 2008


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Sorry... what about The Verdict from the 80's..

Paul Sherman

Whatever you might think about it, "The Verdict" is a Hollywood studio production, not a homegrown Boston movie. A lot of it was filmed in New York (that's where the hero's favorite bar is and where the trial scenes were done) and of course, it had stars in it. It's a decent movie with a great Paul Newman performance, and it is indeed a "Boston movie" (it's based on a novel by local guy Barry Reed and has a few local locations (a little Southie, the State House pretending to be a hospital and a courthouse). But it would be a little bit of an apples-and-oranges situation to throw it in with the homegrown, low-low-budget, no-name-cast Beanstreets movies. It would be like comparing Rex Trailer to Johnny Carson. And that's not to make an excuse for the no-frills local movies--some of them are better than most of the Hollywood films that have shot here.

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