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May 01, 2008


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living down south

sorry to post so late, but i managed to find about 'billy in the lowlands' and 'the dark end of the street' via the web while researching for some info of a former nightclub called 'faces', which i passed by frequently growing up.

i've since moved far from beantown, but is there any way you could possibly convince higher ups to release those movies to dvd? esp netflix?

Paul Sherman

Better late than never... I know the Jan Egleson, the writer-director, is exploring ways to get those movies out on DVD. By the way, the Faces building is still sitting there, unoccupied, as it has been for the past 25 years. Just getting more decrepit as each day passes.

living down south

well, in a way i'm glad it still sits. it seems everything here turns into mcmansion gated communities that no one can afford with this recession >:(

i hope to be able to see these movies so i can share them with my southern friends.

please let me know when these are released to dvd (or even vhs).

Jan Parnie

Dawsons Hardware store was used in the movie. We would sure like to have this out on DVD.

Paul Sherman

Cool, Jan. Thanks for the info!

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