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April 27, 2008


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Ron Gillis

Paul, are you out of Brookline High, 78?

Paul Sherman

Sure am!

Ron Gillis

I knew it! My kid told me about your book after reading about it in the Boston Globe yesterday, I have turned him into a movie freak as well. I wish I could make it to see "Billy in the Lowlands", been dying too see it again actually since I saw it on Channel 2 when it first came out.

My father helped with the Brink's Job, as you know they recreated the room where the robbery took place and he got them most of the fencing and caging that they needed to make it authentic.

I am a doc maker now after spending my life as a photographer (thank you Mr Bernstein,BHS).

You were a pretty quiet kid. We used to have lunch together with John Hinkel and Andy resnick when we were freshman. You probably don't remember me. This booksounds fantastic! Hirt me up. Ronnie

Paul Sherman

Your name definitely sounds familiar, and I surely remember John Hinkel (lived right near BHS). You definitely get points for having seen BILLY on Channel 2 way back when and for liking it and still remembering it! I've never dealt with him post-BHS, and I never really knew him then (I think we were in maybe one class together), but Phred Churchill is in filmmaking, too, and I see his name pop up every so often.

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